Motown, R&B, Variety, Jazz
This Group is one of Polk County's finest groups.  They have traveled all over performing most of your favorite tunes/songs.  Music Makers are everything you are looking for and need for your parties, rally's, conventions, lodges, fraternities & sororities, women & men meetings and all Functions you can think of; they have done it and will keep the party live and make it sound great with the harmonies that are out of this world.  So that means you can now book this Award Winning group for your entertainment pleasures.  They have great stage presence and can separate their styles in group performances.   Now keep this in mind, The Music Makers are not only award winning singers and performers, they are also ENTERTAINERS!!  They get the audience involved in their shows, and sometimes tell a little something before the songs, and genuinely have a great time.  The Music Makers enjoy what they do and it shows in every single performance they have, and the audiences and their fans make it all worthwhile.

Music Makers
Pay Starts
$100 ph/pp
(minimum of 3 hrs.)
Contact Us
Kiki = 813-380-2744