The Mix were first formed in 2006.  Cassanova, on the Keys, has swooned the hearts of many women in the crowds.  Mr. Smooth, on percussions, has soothed the souls of many with his soulful Motowns sounds.  Jenny, has caught the eyes of many males in the audience with her sultry singing and energetic dancing.  Together, they make up the unique band sounds that is called The Mix... and rightfully so....They would like to thank all of their fans who came to see them perform across Florida.  They had a blast meeting fans and seeing new places.  They are ready to get back to doing that 10 city tour again, and they would like to be somewhere near you so you can come out and support them on their tours.  In the mean time they are still putting those new songs together for you their fans.  As a special treat for their fans in their hometown, there are upcoming performances, so be sure not to pass them up!