Showtime is a fantastic, traveling group that sings the night away with the oldies.They are known for singing songs by the Platters, Temptations, Coasters, Imperials and many others.They are a blast from the past that will have you dancing up out of your seats.The band literally makes everyone in the audience feel like they are part of the show whether they know the words to the songs or not.Their music is very upbeat with high energy.They also have sweet ballads to slow it down with such songs as "Smoke Get's in Your Eyes" and "Only You" which are perfect contrasts.  While they have you going they continue on stage with the sounds of Motown.Showtime will have everyone in the audience up out of their seats, singing and dancing and moving to the music, and just when it hit's you, somebody will turn around and Shout,"Sing that Oldies Music SHOWTIME!!!" This is a timeless show for all and will surely leave you with a big smile on your face.It's SHOWTIME!!! 
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